For the past years one of our main aims was to improve the Reading and Writing of English. Teachers in our Lower Junior Classes were trained, we implemented a phonics programme and invested in various resources. Literacy Support Teachers held meetings for parents in the beginning of the scholastic year to explain the programme to the parents, conducted demo lessons with our girls in class, LSEs were trained and together we had short meetings during Curriculum time to discuss difficulties and share good practices.

Now it is time to target our Upper Junior Classes and this scholastic year we are participating in an Erasmus + Programme.

We will start by training our new members of staff in the Lower Junior Classes to ensure the continuation of the phonics programme.

Currently we are working with our Grade 3 teachers to look for resources that can be used with our pupils and we are planning to get all the necessary training to improve English spelling, reading and creative writing with our students.

We are also looking forward to work with other schools in Malta, Gozo and abroad to share good practices and ensure our students’ progress and accomplishment.