Pupil Council


Our Pupil Council members are elected by each class and represent their class at meetings with the Assistant Head and Pupil Council coordinating teachers. They bring ideas on how to improve the school, on fundraising and they consult with their class before and after meetings on school issues. The council are also thinking of ways to involve everyone in raising money for school funds.

Pupil Council Committee members 2023-2024

These are some of the activities we organised during the first term of this scholastic year (2023-2024). More activities to follow in the upcoming months:

This year’s Pupil Council roles are as follows:

President – Renee Galea (Grade 6A)

Vice President – Mira Attard Kurtulan (Grade 5A)

Secretary – Faye Portelli (Grade 6 Alpha)

Vice Secretary – Emma Elise Muscat Azzopardi (Grade 5 Alpha)

Treasurers – Dea Muscat (Grade 4A), Nicole Brincat (Grade 5A), Martina Cremona (Grade 6A)

Public Relations Officers – Kate Gatt Taliana (Grade 3 Alpha), Carla Carabott (Grade 4 Alpha), Emily Young (Grade 5 Alpha)

Supervisors – Alice Stroud (Grade 3A), Giulia Pace Grima (Grade 3A), Carla Camilleri (Grade 3 Alpha), Matilda Pullicino (Grade 4 Alpha), Amy Azzopardi (Grade 4A)