Pupil Council

Our Pupil Council members are elected by each class and represent their class at meetings with the Assistant Head and teachers. They bring ideas on how to improve the school, on fundraising and they consult with their class before and after meetings on school issues. The council are also thinking of ways to involve everyone in raising money for school funds.

What must a pupil council have?
• A constitution, which is a list of rules clearly setting out roles and responsibilities.
• A chairperson, who leads the meetings by following the agenda, which is a list of items to be discussed.
• A secretary, who takes notes of what is said at the meeting – these notes are called the minutes of the meeting.
• Assistant Head, Teachers and Learning Support Assistant to give guidance and support.

What happens during and after a pupil council meeting?
During the pupil council meeting important issues are discussed, ideas shared and action points decided. The aim is for the discussions to be orderly and fair, with everyone having an equal opportunity to talk or be listened to. It’s up to the Chairperson to make sure that councillors show respect for each other.

Get involved in your pupil council.
You can make a difference!

Pupil Council Members – 2021-2022

Assisted by: Ms Jade Cini & Ms Dawn Pace Asciak

Grade 4

A: Emily Cutajar
Alpha: Betty Bugeja
Beta: Melly Castagna

Grade 5

A: Emma Sammut
Alpha: Estelle Camilleri
Beta: Adrienne Chase Pace

Grade 6

A: Sophie Gatt Coleiro
Alpha: Sienna Pisani
Beta: Thea Scerri/Amy Ellul