Our Community
A school community is a group of the people intimately attached to a school, its teachers, administrators, pupils, and the pupils families. Our school community is very important to us and we are very proud of all those who contribute to it.

Parents form an important part of the school community. Parent Involvement is given priority in our school. Parents are encouraged to visit school on regular occasions, partake in decisions concerning their daughters and are given constant updates of what goes on in School.

The Staff at St Joseph Junior School is made up of members of the Senior Management Team, teachers, LSAs and Administration. They form a team of dedicated professionals who strive to bring out every individual child’s potential.

The Pupils themselves form an integral part of the School Community; their holistic development and growth is the reason for the existence of our School.

The Schools run by the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition are found in Blata, Paola and Sliema.  They are governed by a Board of Governors.

The Board is made up of nine (9) members: five (5) lay persons and four (4) religious.  Another sister is called by the Provincial Superior to be the Link person between the Board of Governors and the Council of Heads.  All members are appointed by the Provincial Superior.  The Secretary and Vice-Secretary are appointed by the Board of Governors.  According to the Statute the duties of the Board members are:

  • to abide by the Charter of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition
  • to ensure that the values, principles and beliefs set out in the Charter are actively practiced within the School
  • to insure that the National Minimum Curriculum is implemented
  • to ensure that the school is properly run at all times
  • to put forward to the Provincial Superior such proposals for the development and expansion of the school
  • to ensure that all the provisions of the Statute of the Board of Governors are observed
  • to monitor the development of the Council of Heads.

The Board of Governors as appointed by the Provincial Superior is composed of the following members:

  • Sr Cecilia Schembri (Provincial Superior)
  • Mr Austin Walker (Chairperson)
  • Ms Maud Muscat (Vice Chairperson)
  • Sr Eugenie Ghirlando (Secretary)
  • Mr Carm Busuttil (Vice Secretary)
  • Sr Josephine Azzopardi (Provincial Bursar)
  • Dr Roberta Avellino (LLD)
  • Dr Mariella Mangion (MD)
  • Sr David Borg Costanzi
  • Sr Bernadette Gafa’ (Link Person)