Information for Parents & Guardians

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External Review

Education Officers from the Quality Assurance Department within the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education  reviewed our school in May 2022. The External Review Report Summary may be viewed by clicking on the link below.

External Review Report Summary

School Policies

The following are active policies at St.Joseph Junior School Sliema. Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with them by clicking the links below.

School Visits

For queries please contact the Junior School on 21 330235 or 7926 1344
If parents feel the need to discuss any problem with the teachers kindly make an appointment through the Secretaries. It is important to follow this procedure so that the time we should give to the children under our care will not diminish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time should children be in school?
School premises are open at 7:00. Children are to be in School at 7:50.
Assembly starts at 7:55 with prayer followed by information for the day. When children do not arrive on time not only do they miss out on this important moment of prayer together as a school community but also miss out on all the information that is given.

What exact time are we to call for our children when the school day is over?
With regards to pick up the following times should be followed:
Pre Grade  13:00  (through the small door)
Grade 1 to Grade 3  13:10 – 13:20 (through the main gate)
Grade 4 to Grade 6 13.20 – 13:30 (through the main gate)
Parents of the children of these respective classes should be kind enough not to stand and block the gate unless the stipulated time refers to their daughter/s class. It facilitates matters for all and helps little children to identify their parents

May family members other than parents/guardians call for the children?
With reference to pick up from different family members/friends or girls not taking the van on particular days, it is strongly advisable that a written note is passed on the respective teachers not later than first thing in the morning or preferably a day prior. If the person is unknown to the staff, the I.D. card number should be given in the note and the person collecting the child/children is to present his/her I.D. at the door.

What am I to do with regards to the greatest security of my daughter/daughters if I have sole custody?
If there is any Court decision which effects your daughter/s, kindly present a VERA COPIA document to the Head of School. Until this is done both parents will be treated equally.

Is there any procedure to follow if I need to take my child abroad?
School in Malta is obligatory. It is important that students attend school regularly and ideally no school days are lost due to travel. When this must occur, an absentee note must be presented to the class teacher immediately upon return to school.

Certified absences
Authorised non-attendance occurs when a child is permitted to stay away from school for a variety of reasons, namely, sickness less than 3 days, small medical procedures or dental treatment, bereavement, domestic circumstances, religious observance, court appearances, weddings and travelling with the family in emergency situations.