After-school Activities
Our School believes that after-school activities can offer a child the possibility of learning new skills apart from those learned during the normal school day. The skills acquired all contribute to the holistic development of the young child. Through participation of these activities, the child further develops her understanding about the importance of honesty, teamwork, adherence to rules, fair play and the respect of themselves and of others.

Our School offers a vast after-school programme ranging from sport, creative art and teamwork. All these activities are held on our school premises except for the swimming lessons which take place at the National Pool at Tal-Qroqq.

We offer various extra-curricular lessons after every school day. The following is a timetable of all the activities at our school.

Mondays – Jazz & Hip Hop
Tuesdays – Athletics, Music for Little Mozarts, Drama & Movement
Wednesdays – KidzArt
Thursdays – Basketball, Choir
Fridays – Dolphins, Brownies and Girl Guides
(Swimming lessons are only held during the last term)

All the above lessons are conducted by professional and experienced teachers.  For further information about any of the above mentioned lessons, kindly contact us on 79261344